Posted the selfie on the Facebook page for the contest today so I thought, why not here too. It was Monday to the Catacombs were closed but it was fun riding over with my friends and we got to spend some time at a park right there afterwards. 

Been having fun with quotes from CAP as titles on my blog recently. #shamelessselfpromotion

Never noticed how the author of one of JJ’s books has a name that said out loud sounds like Champs-Élysées. 

Never noticed how the author of one of JJ’s books has a name that said out loud sounds like Champs-Élysées. 

So apparently having the headphones in canceled the sound :/ 

So: Basic transcript of soundless video:

Greetings from France, it’s KleptoNancy Drew. Realrandomsam, did I get that right?, they dared me with Creature of Kapu Cave so destroy a cardboard box. I thught at first I wasn’t gonna be able to but then I remembered I had to get a phone that works in France. So here goes, this shouldn’t be this hard, ugh, why? My roommate left cause she thinks I’m crazy. Well yep, destroyed that, thank you for the dare and have a nice day!

realrandomsam Asked:
CRE dare.

Hi there! Thank you for the dare, I made a video and I will be posting it soon. :)

Truth or Dare: Nancy Drew Edition


Send me either “TRUTH” or “DARE” and one Nancy Drew game and I’ll do what’s listed below. I will not do the same dare twice, but I will answer a truth again if I have another answer.

  • Secrets Can Kill - TRUTH: Have you ever blackmailed someone? or DARE: Find a ladle and carry it around with you for the rest of the day.
  • Stay Tuned For Danger - TRUTH: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush? or DARE: Take an image of a celebrity you love, deface it, and share the results.
  • Message in a Haunted Mansion - TRUTH: Have you ever broken something and misdirected blame? or DARE: Message someone “Leave the mansion now!” in all caps.
  • Treasure in the Royal Tower - TRUTH: What was the last food item you pigged out on? or DARE: Describe someone close to you using nothing but food analogies.
  • The Final Scene - TRUTH: How far would you go to protect a place you loved? or DARE: List at least eight physical characteristics about yourself.
  • Secret of the Scarlet Hand - TRUTH: What classes/topics do you dread learning? or DARE: Pick up and drop all of your blankets and pillows onto the floor and leave them there for an hour.
  • Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake - TRUTH: Have you ever been scared by an animal? or DARE: Stand outside for at least five minutes, no matter the condition.
  • The Haunted Carousel - TRUTH: What was the most serious injury you’ve ever received? or DARE: Spin around more as long as you can and make yourself dizzy.
  • Danger on Deception Island - TRUTH: When was the last time you deceived someone? or DARE: Carry a key chain around with you for an entire day.
  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch - TRUTH: Would you let yourself fall in love with someone who had broken the law? or DARE: Type out the title to your favorite game in alphanumeric code. (ie: A = 1, B = 2, etc.)
  • Curse of Blackmoor Manor - TRUTH: When was the last time you disobeyed your parents? or DARE: Hide an image of a ghost somewhere on your blog (in the theme, in a post, etc.)
  • Secret of the Old Clock - TRUTH: Have you ever stolen from someone? or DARE: Don’t do anything for seven minutes.
  • Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - TRUTH: Talk about the last party you went to. or DARE: Walk in a circle shouting “Choo choo!” for a minute.
  • Danger by Design - TRUTH: Have you ever ruined a piece of clothing? or DARE: Post a picture of yourself.
  • The Creature of Kapu Cave - TRUTH: Have you ever gone camping? or DARE: Find a cardboard box and DESTROY IT.
  • The White Wolf of Icicle Creek - TRUTH: Have you ever harmed an animal? or DARE: Eat some ice.
  • Legend of the Crystal Skull - TRUTH: What’s the worst food you’ve ever eaten? or DARE: Look up images of something that you’re afraid of.
  • The Phantom of Venice - TRUTH: What is the most expensive thing you own? or DARE: Put on a ridiculous outfit.
  • The Haunting of Castle Malloy - TRUTH: Have you ever pulled a prank on someone? or DARE: List at least three things/events that happened on your birthday.
  • Ransom of the Seven Ships - TRUTH: Do people mess up your name? Or have you messed up anyone else’s? or DARE: Read a paragraph from your favorite book in a foreign accent.
  • Warnings at Waverly Academy - TRUTH: Is there anyone you hate, or at least really dislike? or DARE: Take an image of your favorite Nancy Drew character and make them look as scary as possible. Share the results.
  • Trail of the Twister - TRUTH: Tell an unpopular opinion. or DARE: Write a short fic about a character from your favorite game and one from your least favorite as a couple.
  • Shadow at the Water’s Edge - TRUTH: When was the last time you insulted someone? or DARE: Change your avatar to a picture of the yurei for 24 hours.
  • The Captive Curse - TRUTH: Are you emotionally attached to any fictional characters? or DARE: Type out an amusing story in another language.
  • Alibi in Ashes - TRUTH: Have you ever broken the law? or DARE: Tell us about your day and lie about one thing.
  • Tomb of the Lost Queen - TRUTH: Have you ever gotten lost? or DARE: Tell a story, but scramble the letters in each word.
  • The Deadly Device - TRUTH: What’s something you cannot stand to read or listen about? or DARE: Answer a scientific trivia question sent by the darer.
  • Ghost of Thornton Hall - TRUTH: List one good attribute about yourself and one bad attribute. or DARE: Come up with a creepy poem and share it!
  • The Silent Spy - TRUTH: What’s your dream job? or DARE: Make a post with a random word or image and queue it to post in three days.
  • The Shattered Medallion - TRUTH: Be honest now. How would you react if you met a celebrity you loved? or DARE: Answer a trivia question about a celebrity sent by the darer.

If you reblog this, you are willing to answer any truths sent and perform any dares requested. You can however decline to follow through with a truth or dare if you are unable to for practical or personal reasons. Remember, this was made to be fun. :)

Bring it on except for the SCK and ICE dares, I’m a guest in someone’s house right and I do not want to impose. 

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ND fan problem #18



Wandering how long HER will continue making games and have a panic attack when you think of the end.


When I die I want my only regret to be that I haven’t played the next Nancy Drew Game. 

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Currently in France and running out of cash. Wishing I was Nancy so I could just wait for something to sparkle and then voilà: more euros. 

Me too! The France and the Euros part! :)

Monetarily impaired Alice Roy fans unite!! (Are you having fun? Are you here for vacation, study, work?)

Currently in France and running out of cash. Wishing I was Nancy so I could just wait for something to sparkle and then voilà: more euros. 

Clue Crew, have you ever been to…


a diner? …a TV studio? …a “fixer-upper”?a castle?a theater?a museum?a lake?an amusement park? …a whale-watching tour? …a ranch? ..a manor?a mini-golf course?a train? …a windmill? …a volcano? …a lodge? …a curio shop?a costume store?a pub?an island?an academy?a cornfield? …a ryokan? …a dungeon? …a town hall?a desert?a laboratory?a graveyard?a set of a movie? …a spa? …a cruise ship?

Reblog with your answers in bold.


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Sorry not Nancy Drew but for all of you vegans and makeup wearers, you need to check this out. The colours are amazing (I love clockwork) and they are great on skin. 

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